Marion Arts is one of NZ's most original writer - performers. She is a constantly creative musician, writing amazing songs, rich with the many influences of her varied career. She also composes prolifically and innovatively for the guitar, the pieces and suites crossing genre boundaries, while always remaining beautiful. Her interpretations of classic repertoire, including French Chanson & retro jazz are delightfully inventive. With gorgeous flair, humour, power, an engaging stage presence, musical vitality and a remarkable voice, Marion is captivating on stage, a fabulous stylist, and is one of New Zealand's leading female guitarists.

"Marion's reputation as a lyrical and moving vocalist and her depth as a crafter of beautiful songs are legendary among musicians New Zealand wide"

(National Jazz Festival, 2011).

Tuition 2019

Marion will be taking students of guitar and ukulele from 4 Feb 2019. Get in touch.

Now on Bandcamp

Marion's epic retelling of the songs ballads poetry and chants Of Tolkien's 'Lord of The Rings' is now available on Bandcamp for digital download:

concert 13 October 2017

16th Ave Repertory Theatre, 7.30pm, Marion will be doing a rare, short concert appearance with husband Robbie Laven, then guesting with Kokomo later.

Marion Arts