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A review of Marion's brand new Ukulele CD, 'My Ukulele And I'

Posted by Marion on December 19, 2012

This is sure charmer for connoisseurs of the little ukulele.

Reviewed by BOP's fine music critic, the hon., Winston Watusi.

My Ukulele And I  reviewed by Winston Watusi


Marion Arts, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and all-round musical stalwart, has been following her own muse for decades, seemingly taking whichever musical direction most appeals to her imagination, often several simultaneously. She has just released her latest album, My Ukulele And I. 

 Marion has released a slew of albums in different genres, from classical guitar instrumentals to pop, stately folk and, most recently, gypsy jazz with Bonjour Swing. My Ukulele And I, recorded lo-fi and live at home, finds her solely in the company of three different ukuleles (which I guess means a really small one and two not-quite–as-small ones) and nods happily to most of her musical directions. It’s a whole bunch of fun.

Things kick off with a sweet instrumental, “Still” -one of Marion’s and immediately identifiable as such, mixing, as it does, classical lines with the odd bluesy bend and phrase. From there we get a mixture of styles.

There are well-chosen jazz songs, from the wonderful “T’Ain’t No Sin” (with its terrific chorus of “T’Ain’t no sin to take off your skin and dance around in your bones”) to Bessie Smith’s “Send Me To The ‘Lectric Chair” and a stunning instrumental take on “Pennies From Heaven”, which leaves one astonished that it is arranged for an instrument with a mere four strings. Marion can really play that uke!

There are also a couple of songs of Marion’s, including the very funny ode to her goat Priscilla (and cat of the same name – it’s black!), which features, for the only time on the album, some overdubbed harmonies.

I never thought I’d play a ukulele album for pleasure but Marion has converted me. All uke players (and other lovers of Marion’s voice and music) should have this.