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CD Launch Bonjour Swing 'The Flame'

Posted by Marion on April 10, 2012

Bonjour Swing, my family band is about to celebrate our new CD : 'The Flame' at Greerton's French cafe, Le Chat Noir on Thursday 8 April. Starts 7.30pm. If you want to eat, it may pay to book. Great food.

  Bonjour Swing is my family band: Robbie Laven on gypsy jazz guitars (love those way-out solos), Oscar Laven playing saxes,) love these gorgeous soprano tones and sense of humour), myself on compositions (all but one of Robbie's), playing a gypsy jazz guitar, as much as a fingerstyle-playing woman is able. We have been excited to work with Milan Wilshier on upright bass. He has a fresh, creative approach to the instrument. This recording has a mix of instrumentals and songs, all influenced by or themed on gypsy jazz. It's a great beat. The balance of 2 older musos and 2 young ones, (including gender balance) is surprisingly effective. Delightful.  We recorded this mainly to preseve the original repertoire, but also to preserve the great musical rapport between mother, father and son. Tim Julian of Fragile Colours Music recorded 'The Flame' in his Welcome Bay studio, The Colour Field ,succeeding in capturing that fresh, live, zingy sound. Not much in the way of overdubbing: real musc!