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For Ukulele Lovers

Posted by Marion on August 9, 2012

'Love That String Four' is an exercise I composed which explores that special interval between strings 1 & 4 on the uke. It's that delightful (and sometimes confusing) interval that goes a long way to defining the pretty sound of our beloved ukulele. It's a free download so have a go. There is a tab only version, as well as one which has notation as well.

In the Teaching section of this site there are quite a few of my original compositions (free download); also there are my arrangements of classic material. I have just put up a new arrangement of Pennies From Heaven. If you try this one, you will need to funk it up a little with some snazzy strumming. Rhythmically speaking, I have just written in the bare bones of the tune. Amusez-vous bien.