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new classical guitar recording

Posted by Marion on May 9, 2014


I have just finished recording a new Classical Guitar Suite, Flute and Drum Music At Sunset”, which is a reimagining of an antique Chinese pipa suite by Xi Yang Ziao Gu and dedicated to pipa maestro Wu Man.

The overall title of the suite and the 8 individual titles of the short, evocative pieces are retained, but the content is very different, displaying colourful folk, jazz and classical influences.

This is spacious, contemplative guitar music, its complexity not disturbing the poetic mood. 


Titles are:

 1. The Sound Of Bells And Drums From A Distant Temple Along The River

2. Moon On The Eastern Mountain

3. Breeze Over The Quiet Water

4. Shadows Of Flowers

5. Clouds And Water Far Away Become As One

6. A Fisherman’s Song In The Evening

7. Waves Lapping At The Shore

8. The Returning Boat


Send an email if you are interested in this new original guitar music. Happily it is getting some rave reactions!